wild one outWild-One-Out - Rules

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The object of the game is to get rid of all yours cards by discarding matching pairs of cards.

Add one Wildcard pack to the standard Classic pack. Shuffle the cards well and deal out the whole pack between the players as evenly as possible.

Each player then looks at their cards and discards any matching pairs that they hold. A pair consists of two cards from the same group, such as two ‘Creepy Crawly’ (or two Wildcard) cards. Only discard pairs of cards, if you hold three cards from the same group, only discard two of them. Discarded pairs are placed face-up in front of each player.

Once everyone has discarded all their pairs, the player to dealers left takes the first turn. A turn consists of picking and taking a card from the player to their right. The player to the right should hold their hand of cards in a fan to allow a card to be picked, but the picking player should not be able to see what card they are picking. The player then looks at the card they have picked, if it forms a new pair, the pair is discarded face-up in front of them. If the new card does not form a pair, the player adds it to their hand.

Play continues clockwise until someone goes out by getting rid of all their cards. This could be either through creating a pair or being left with one card that is then picked by the player to their left. They are then the winner.

Wild-One-Out - Variation 1

When playing with more than two players, play can continue after someone has won, with players going out until eventually someone is left with a single Wildcard. They are then the loser.

Wild-One-Out - Variation 2

The object of the game is reversed, now the winner is the player who finishes holding a single Wildcard. When playing with more than two players, play continues after players go out until eventually the winner is left holding a single Wildcard.