warthogWarthog - Rules

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This game is loosely base on the family card game 'Pig' (sometimes known as 'Hog').

The object of the game is to be the first player to collect a complete group of cards, for example all four Heavyweight cards.

Deal out 4 cards each. Place the remaining cards face down to form a stock pile. Turn over the top card of the stock pile to create a discard pile.

The player to the dealers left starts. A turn consists of either picking up the top card from the discard pile or the top card from the stock pile. The player then must discard a card onto the discard pile. This could be the same card that they just picked up from the stock pile.

Play continues clockwise until a player wins the game by collecting all four cards of a group. If the stock pile runs out, keep the top card in the discard pile then turn the others upside down to make a new stock pile, there is no need to shuffle it.

As soon as a player has collected all four cards of a group, they shout “Warthog”, show the set of cards to the other players and win the game.