safari trackerSafari Tracker – Rules

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This game is only suitable for the 'Junior' range of cards.

This game is a memory game and the object is to collect the most pairs of cards.

Shuffle the cards well and then place them face down on a large table in four rows of eight cards. Arrange the rows so that each card can be easily turned over without disturbing the other cards around it.

The oldest player goes first. They pick two cards and turn them over, if the two cards belong to the same group (for example, a pair of Noisy cards) then they shout “Tracked” and remove the two cards and put them as a set in front of them. If the two cards are not from the same group then once everybody has seen what they were, they are turned back and left face down in their original position.

Play continues clockwise until all the cards have been Tracked into pairs. The player who collected the highest number of pairs is the winner.