Card Game Rules and Variations

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Featured game - Warthog

warthogOur latest featured game is 'Warthog' which is a new game not detailed in the pack rules. Loosely based on the card game Pig/Hog, you can play 'Warthog' with both the 'Classic' and 'Junior' packs...

Scoring games

The games described here are all based on someone winning each time a hand is played, but you could make the games even more exciting by keeping a score.

There are lots of ways that you could do this. You could simply get a point for each card that your opponents have left in their hand. But, it might be more fun to use some of the data on the cards.

For example, when playing with the Junior cards you could get points by adding up all your opponents remaining “Rareness” values. When playing with the Classic cards you could get points by adding up all the “Group” values on the cards your opponents are left with. Just don’t get left with the Termites card!

Regular Card Games

The Classic cards have a standard suit and number in the bottom right hand corner. You can play any regular card game you like by using the cards held upside down so you can see the suit in your hand. Last time we looked there were over 600 different card games that use a standard pack.